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About the 304th Panzergrenadiers reenactment group

The 304th Panzergrenadier Living History Group was formed in 2013 and became part of the oldest WW2 re-enactment society in the country, the WW2 Living History Association. From its start our group have striven for a strong command structure and true authenticity in everything that we do and after only a few years the group has gained a reputation for authenticity and a true representation of the German Panzer Grenadier. We’re keen to find and recruit people from around the country who have the same level of commitment to authenticity and to the preservation of WW2 history. Joining the 304th takes commitment and willingness to learn but with that you get a true insight into living history as it should be as well a chance to attend some of the best events around and work with many other fantastic groups from around the country. As well as this, you will get to have great experiences and camaraderie which you will struggle to find in any other hobby!

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